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  • Do you have a beard growing product?
    In fact no product makes the beard ''grow'' faster. A good product like our fortifying oils will stimulate the hair follicles (the root). The follicles are either in ''production'' mode or in ''sleeping'' mode. The fortifying oil will therefore allow more moments of production over the same given time X. Not because it has grown faster , but because your follicle has had more moments of production THEREFORE a more constant growth, which means that you will reach your goals more quickly. It's a long-term benefit. You have to be diligent in its application and it will also help on the density side. This will allow the little down to turn into real hair. It is very important when you apply the product, to always apply it on dry skin and beard for better absorption. This will eventually allow you to be able to harness the full potential of your own genetics. We advise people to apply the product two to three times a day in smaller quantities and to repeat the application more frequently. This will allow you to have more moments of absorption
  • I don't have a big beard yet can I still use your products?
    Absolutely. Our products are suitable for both short and long beards. A well hydrated beard is a healthy beard. That's why we suggest you use Barbe Divine products.
  • What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm?
    Use between beard balm and an beardoil is really at the buyer's discretion. The balms are firmer so must be heated beforehand in the palm of the hand before applying deep into the beard. The oil is more malleable and therefore more fluid. We advise men with very dense beards to apply a beard oil deeply because it will facilitate the absorption of the product. While the balm can be used on the surface for men with very dense beards and in depth for men with shorter beards. Some people use oil and balm in their application so it's really up to the buyer's discretion.
  • Are there any customs or import charges?
    Any customs and import taxes are the buyers responsibility. We are not responsible for delays caused by customs.
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